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Civil and Criminal Litigation in Gibraltar

At Strait Law, we pride ourselves on offering unparalleled civil and criminal litigation services in Gibraltar.

Civil and Criminal Litigation in Gibraltar: In-Depth Expertise at Strait Law

Comprehensive Legal Support in Civil and Criminal Litigation

At Strait Law, we pride ourselves on our extensive expertise in both civil and criminal litigation, handling a wide range of legal disputes with a client-focused approach. Our experienced solicitors provide dedicated and strategic legal support, ensuring each client’s case is handled with the utmost care and professionalism. From managing intricate civil disputes to robustly defending in criminal cases, our team is committed to offering the best legal representation possible.

In-Depth Understanding of Civil Litigation

Civil litigation encompasses legal conflicts between individuals or organisations, often involving contract disputes, property issues, and personal injury claims. Our approach at Strait Law begins with a thorough understanding of the nuances of each case. We then provide customised advice and strong representation, aiming to resolve disputes effectively through negotiation or courtroom advocacy, depending on the case’s requirements.

Expertise in Criminal Litigation

Criminal litigation is a cornerstone of our practice, where we defend clients against criminal charges. Our skilled team handles a wide spectrum of cases, from minor offences to serious criminal charges. We prioritise our client’s rights and best interests, developing strategic defences through meticulous investigation and legal analysis. Our commitment is to represent our clients vigorously, ensuring the best possible defence.

The Strait Law Litigation Process: A Client-Centric Approach

Our litigation process is designed to be transparent and centred around the client’s needs.

  1. Initial Consultation: Understanding your unique situation and discussing potential legal strategies.
  2. Case Preparation: Conducting in-depth research and meticulous preparation of all necessary documentation.
  3. Active Representation: Offering steadfast representation through every phase, from negotiations and settlements to court appearances.

Why Strait Law Stands Out in Litigation

Clients trust Strait Law for our exceptional track record in successfully managing both civil and criminal litigation. Our success stories, reflected in client testimonials and detailed case studies, showcase our commitment to securing favourable outcomes while maintaining the highest standards of legal practice.

Our Experienced Legal Team

Our legal team comprises specialists with extensive experience in various fields of civil and criminal litigation. Each solicitor brings a unique skill set, underscored by a history of successful legal outcomes. The profiles of our legal experts, detailing their expertise and specialisations, are a testament to our diverse capabilities and commitment to excellence in legal representation.

Staying Informed: Legal Insights and Updates

Latest Developments in Litigation

Stay abreast of the latest trends and developments in civil and criminal litigation through our regularly updated insights and articles. This section is a valuable resource for clients and legal professionals alike.


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For more information or to schedule a consultation regarding a civil or criminal matter, please contact us. Our team is ready to provide the guidance and support you need.

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Strait Law are Barristers & Solicitors in Gibraltar. Specialising in Commercial Law, Criminal & Civil Litigation, Property Law, Family Law, Employment Law and Private Clients

Civil and Criminal Litigation

Our client-focused team of civil and criminal litigation lawyers are more than capable of handling every aspect of your case from start to finish, both in and out of court.

Commercial Law

Strait Law's legal team are experienced business advisors, having successfully owned and run their own businesses both in Gibraltar and in the United Kingdom.

Property Law

Buying or selling your home can be a daunting process, no matter what type of transaction is involved. Our priority is to make conveyancing transactions as smooth and as stress-free as possible.

Employment Law

Problems in the workplace whether with the employer or colleagues can be a source of considerable stress.  Our specialised employment lawyers can advise you, in total confidentiality.

Family Law

Our Family Law specialists know that relationship problems often involve high emotions, especially when there are children involved. Our skilled family law team is sensitive to your needs during this difficult time

Private Clients

Our team of expert private client lawyers work with both individuals and families, providing legal advice from a Gibraltar and a UK perspective on a variety of legal matters.