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Whenever you use our website, a cookie is placed on your device (computer, smartphone, etc.). Cookies are used on our website. We use these to identify your device and store some information about your preferences or past actions.

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Please see below for more information on our use of cookies, including a detailed list of the information we and others may collect about you through cookies.

Our use of cookies

Cookies are used on this website for the following purposes:

  • You will be recognised whenever you visit this website (this will speed up your access to it);

  • Obtain information regarding your preferences and use of our website;

  • To help us better understand our users’ needs, we conduct research and statistical analysis; and

  • Enhance your online experience.

More information about cookies can be found at www.aboutcookies.org and www.allaboutcookies.org.

The types of cookies

We place the following types of cookies on your device:

  • Our website uses session cookies to track your actions during a particular browser session. When you close your browser, these cookies expire and do not remain on your device

  • Persistent cookies are stored on your device between browser sessions. We use these to remember your preferences or actions across our website. They will remain on your device until they expire or you delete them

Furthermore, the cookies that we place on your device may include:

  • Cookies are strictly necessary to navigate our website and use its features. The services you have requested cannot be provided without these cookies

  • A performance cookie collects information about how you use our website, such as which pages you visit most frequently. Cookies do not collect personally identifiable information about you. All information collectedby these cookies is aggregated and anonymous and is only used to improve the website.

  • Our website uses functionality cookies to remember your choices (such as your user name, language, last action, and search preferences) and provides enhanced, more personalized features. These cookies collect anonymous information and cannot track your browsing activity on other websites.

Cookies we use

Here is more information about the cookies we use:

Google Analytics This is a web analytics service provided by Google Ireland Limited that uses cookies to help us understand how visitors found and explored our site, and how we can improve it. Besides providing us with information about our visitors’ behaviour (e.g., how long they stayed on the site, the average number of pages viewed), it also tells us how many people visited the site.

Cookies consent

Unless cookies are essential for us to provide you with services, we will ask for your permission (consent) before placing them on your device.

On our home page, there is a notice explaining how we use cookies and asking for your consent.

We will assume that you consent to our use of cookies for the purposes described in this policy if you accept our request for permission or use this website after receiving this notification.

Cookies: How to disable them

Changing your browser settings will prevent cookies from being accepted if you do not want them. You may lose some functionality of this website if you do this. Visit https://ico.org.uk/your-data-matters/online/cookies/ for more information about cookies.

Here’s how you can reach us

In case you have questions regarding this cookie policy or the information we hold about you, please contact our Data Protection Officer.

To contact our Data Protection Officer, please email office@straitlaw.gi.

Changes to this policy

This policy was published on 17th July 2023.

When we change this policy, we will inform you when you next visit the site.