Property Law Services in Gibraltar

Property Law Services in Gibraltar

Strait Law has extensive experience in property law, making us well-equipped to handle a wide range of property matters. Our in-depth knowledge of Gibraltar’s legal landscape ensures that we provide accurate and reliable advice. Our dedicated team of professionals is committed to delivering high-quality legal services to our clients.

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Category 2 Status in Gibraltar

Category 2 Status in Gibraltar

In 2024, Gibraltar continues to offer attractive incentives for individuals seeking to relocate under its Category 2 status. This special tax status is designed for high-net-worth individuals, providing favourable tax conditions and enhancing Gibraltar’s appeal as a residential destination. Strait Law provides an expert overview of what Category 2 status entails and the implications for those considering this option.

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Buying Property in Gibraltar

Buying Property in Gibraltar

Buying property in Gibraltar is a significant decision with many legal and financial considerations. This blog provides insights into the market, outlines the legal framework, and discusses essential steps like financial planning and property valuation, aimed at helping buyers make well-informed decisions

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Redundancy and Your Rights as an Employee in Gibraltar

Redundancy and Your Rights as an Employee in Gibraltar

Explore your rights and protections under Gibraltar’s redundancy laws with our comprehensive guide. Learn about the legal foundations, notification processes, fair selection criteria, redundancy pay calculations, and your rights to appeal. Ensure you’re well-informed and prepared if you face redundancy in Gibraltar

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Team of dedicated civil and criminal litigation lawyers ready to offer sound advice and robust problem-solving approaches at Strait Law

Legal Support for Civil and Criminal Litigation in Gibraltar

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Strait Law Provides Expert Legal Support for Civil and Criminal Litigation in Gibraltar

Understanding Civil and Criminal Litigation

Litigation is a legal process involving the resolution of disputes through the court system. In Gibraltar, civil and criminal litigation encompasses a wide range of legal matters, from personal disputes to serious criminal charges. It is crucial to understand the distinctions between civil and criminal cases and the legal processes involved in each.

Civil Litigation

Civil litigation refers to legal disputes between individuals, organisations, or entities where one party seeks compensation or another remedy from the other. Common types of civil litigation include contract disputes, property disputes, personal injury claims, and family law matters. The goal in civil cases is often to resolve the dispute through financial compensation or specific performance.

Civil litigation typically involves several stages, including:

  • Pre-trial procedures: This includes filing a claim, serving documents, disclosure (where both parties exchange relevant information), filing of witness statements whilst always bearing in mind the continuing obligation to negotiate matters and reach settlement.
  • Trial: The case will be presented before a judge and very occasionally, before a jury, who will make a decision based on the evidence and arguments presented.
  • Post-trial procedures: This may involve enforcing the court’s judgment or filing an appeal if one party is dissatisfied with the outcome.

Criminal Litigation

Criminal litigation involves the prosecution of an individual or entity accused of committing a crime. The government, represented by a prosecutor, brings charges against the defendant. Criminal cases can range from minor offences, such as traffic violations, to serious crimes, such as assault, theft, or drug offences.

The stages of criminal litigation include:

  • Investigation: Law enforcement agencies gather evidence and build a case against the suspect.
  • Charges: Formal charges are filed, and the defendant is informed of the accusations.
  • Trial: The prosecution and defence present their cases before a judge or jury, who will determine the defendant’s guilt or innocence.
  • Sentencing: If the defendant is found guilty, the court imposes a penalty, which can include fines, community service, or imprisonment.


After the conclusion of proceedings, a party to the proceedings may appeal the decision made in relation to e.g. a conviction, a sentence, damages etc. 

Services Provided by Strait Law

Strait Law Barristers & Solicitors offers comprehensive legal support for both civil and criminal litigation in Gibraltar. Our experienced team is dedicated to providing expert representation and advice throughout the litigation process.

Civil Litigation Services

Our civil litigation services cover a wide range of disputes, including:

  • Employment disputes: We regularly advise both employers and employees with regards to claims being made against them in relation to, for example, unfair dismissal, bullying, discrimination.
  • Contract disputes: We assist clients in resolving conflicts arising from contractual agreements, ensuring their rights are protected.
  • Property disputes: Our team handles cases involving property ownership, boundary issues, and landlord-tenant conflicts.
  • Personal injury claims: We represent clients seeking compensation for injuries sustained due to another party’s negligence.
  • Family law matters: Our services include divorce proceedings, child custody disputes, and other family-related legal issues.

Criminal Litigation Services

Our criminal litigation services are designed to provide robust defence and representation for individuals facing criminal charges. We handle cases involving:

  • Minor offences: Including traffic violations and public order offences.
  • Serious crimes: Such as assault, theft, drug offences, and more.
  • Representation in court: We provide skilled advocacy during trials, ensuring our clients receive a fair hearing.
  • Appeals: If necessary, we assist clients in appealing convictions or sentences.

Why Choose Strait Law 

Expertise and Experience

Strait Law Barristers & Solicitors has extensive experience in both civil and criminal litigation, making us well-equipped to handle a diverse range of cases. Our in-depth knowledge of Gibraltar’s legal system ensures that we provide accurate and effective legal advice. Our team is composed of highly skilled professionals dedicated to achieving the best possible outcomes for our clients.

Client-Focused Approach

At Strait Law Barristers & Solicitors, we prioritise our clients’ needs by offering personalised legal services tailored to each case. We maintain open and transparent communication throughout the litigation process, ensuring our clients are well-informed and confident in their decisions. Our commitment to providing high-quality legal representation sets us apart as a trusted partner in litigation.

For those seeking expert legal support for civil and criminal litigation in Gibraltar, Strait Law Barristers & Solicitors offers comprehensive services and professional guidance. Contact us to discuss your litigation needs and ensure your case is handled with the utmost care and expertise.